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This Just In! Marriage #'s are Falling!

Ah, the local coffee shop! Although you may have never stepped a foot into this particular piece of heaven on earth, an image is already beginning to take shape I am sure. Coffee shops all possess a certain charm that extends a comfort and well savored aroma to its patrons.

These flavorful points of escape also tend to occupy the occasional tables filled with conversations of intrigue. Oh yes, there are the gossip hair salon shop type of convos but in my experience, the nature of these talks that take place in these comfy coffees stops, tend to occupy more substance.

“Do you feel like you’re ready to get married?” It was a table of 3 and the girl being directed the question, had a nice new rock on "that" finger. You could see the dazzle in her young eyes as she fluttered her fingers in the air, allowing the diamonds to expand their sparkle under the amber pendant lights hanging from above.

She looked taken back by her friends question and perhaps a little disappointed, “Of course I am! You know how long I’ve wanted this!” She shrugged, “Besides Gavin and I are going on 4 years…It was only a matter of time before he popped the question.” The convo continued between them and it took me back to a night almost 20 years earlier when I had displayed my own newly branded ring hand for my fellow girls to see. But the response this young girl sitting at the table near me, was significantly different from the squealing responses I had received from my circle all those years ago. I found myself praising on the friends of this new fiancé. The questions just kept coming and they were asking her the all the rights ones, even though she wasn’t completely appreciative of their genuine concern; I felt like chiming in and asking her if she’d watched the movie Bride Wars.

I was so quickly drawn into this topic because I had a vested interest. There has been a new trend developing and although there are pros to this, I can see some downsides to it as well.

People are waiting until they’re older – THANK GOD! And some are opting out altogether. Are we getting wiser? So many opinions and thoughts drive around this topic because it is a BIG DEAL. Getting married, not getting married and the societal climate shift that has accompanied it.

So what is happening? Why are less people getting married? Well, I’d say the societal expectation of women has a lot to do with it. Women have obtained a bit more status, by no means have we achieved the balance of equality but I believe there is a significant wave of independence and empowerment.

Aside from the topic of women – why are couples choosing not to get hitched? Aside from googling the data, I’ve seen this to be true from within my own circle. More friends choosing to live together and hold off on getting married, if ever.

My opinion over all – you’ve been warned because we all know that I definitely have one. I think people are “finding themselves”. I think the new trend is self-discovery and finding a special person who shares those types of similarities raises the bar to a level – that quite honestly – should’ve always been held higher.

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